New Website

13 December, 2020

So after many months of procrastinating I have managed to build my new website. I hope you like the new look and feel as I have used a brand new platform and language that I've been learning over the last few weeks. Gatsby!!

I found Gatsby after hearing some other developers talking about how freta it is on Twitter. I mainly work with wordpress at work and the idea of a wordpress site was playing around in my mind, but i wanted something smaller than a massive CMS for creating a few pages. Wordpress seemed a bit overkill and bulky for my needs, so Gatsby turned out to be the thing I needed.

Firstly my goodness the documentation is brilliant, clear and concise for building a simple site that shows cute videos of pandas. I have previously completed an introduction course to React so the syntax and implementation was a familiar site, which helped me learn a bit quicker, but the documentation is so clear not knowing React shouldn't turn you off from getting started with Gatsby.

Gatsby docs

Programatically creating blogs pages with markdown files has been fun to learn too. I mean this may be a very rudimentary site, but it's been a fun project to develop and build and also I can grow with this and amend as I learn more. I feel like this is a good starting block. Also compared to my old site, which I will keep for posterity, this new site feels more professional, as I branch out for the future.