I'm Josh Hudson, a web developer in Brighton working with HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL.

About me

I am a front-end web developer in Brighton who works with HTML5, CSS/SASS, PHP, JS/JQuery and MySQL. I mainly work on Wordpress build projects and maintenance, but have also worked with Bootstrap, Laravel and Drupal. I have experience with server-side setups and maintenance. I have been a front-end developer for over four years now and been employeed in the industry for a little over two years.

I currently work at We Are Tilt LTD and have worked on some award winning projects over the last two years. I have learnt some great new skills and always looking to improve and widen my skill set. Please see my projects section for a selection of work that I have been involved with. If you want to get in touch please contact me via twitter or email.


Here are some examples of my work. Please click to see more about the projects


I have a fondness for CSS Animation and I have been on codepen for a short time dabbling with animations and will work on some other cool things too. Codepen is a great space to create and test out coding projects and also usable within the browser so no bulky text editor downloads on my limited space laptop. Please check out my Codepens