New ways of working

18 July, 2021

The world of work at the moment is a strange place and I think that I have adapted to working from home and got my home office setup pretty much how I like it. Wall bracket screen, Little desk inside a spare room cupboard, little usb desk fan as its really hot right now. My office is my little tardis away from home, but we have started to ease the lock down now and I have actually ventured out of my tardis and back to the office.

At first it was very strange having to get back on a train which I have not done for over a year and commute? actually commute to work. My usual commute at the moment is walking from one room to another. However I actually enjoyed the commute again as it gives you that brain space and break between home life and work life. A chance to either stare out the window and see the world, or look at a screen catching up on a Netflix show. Wearing a mask was weird on a train but over the last year I have gotten used to a mask so that was nothing really new. Brighton station was also a welcome sight weirdly to see the hustle and bustle of live continuing was good to see.

I am so thankful for what our team at the office has done. We have lost some desks to make more room for people and the office has become a destination not an obligation now, so we can continue to work from home but use the office for meetings etc. This shift in office working mentality is a breath of fresh air compared to some office environments that I have been in. While we have been away work has been done to replace the kitchen and flooring so it feels like a brand new office.

Seeing actual people and colleagues is the best thing that has happened too, virtual meetings etc are great when working from home but it doesn't beat seeing people in real life and sitting around a table arguing over a design or discussing a project plan. HAving to rapid flow test each time i go in is always a great way to start the day, but i like to call them rapid sneeze tests as i am guaranteed to have a sneezing fit afterwards, but it's an essential part of working life at the moment to test and make sure that i am safe and others will be safe too.

It's taken a while to get used to this new way of working, but it's doable. I am not obligated to go into the office but I will endeavour to try and go in once a week, which gives me a bit of space away from home and also gives me the chance to see my colleagues.

As always remember to take time out for yourself when working from home and I hope you are all safe and well.