Working from home

27 February, 2021

Since March 2020 I have been working from home due to the pandemic, which has been a change in mindset for me. I have never worked from home before in my life, I have always been in an office or work environment and this has been a big change. I was initially filled with dread and worry that I couldn't perform my job being away from my colleagues, but it was something that had to be done for the greater good of everyone.

I set up my home desk environment on the dining room table like everyone did, Laptop and secondary screen in hand with a million cables everywhere. It was a mess, but with time I found what worked and didn't work for me and found a nice comfortable work environment. Spending time to get your environment set up is vital to working from home. If it's not right for you then you and your work could suffer.

Positioning yourself where you get light is a great start as being in a dark corner makes you feel a bit like gollum in a cave protecting the precious. Actual sunlight has lightened my mood and a window view if you have one helps to give your eyes a rest and a different view than the backlight view of your laptop.

Space around you is good, so you can get up and move position and stretch your legs every few hours so you don't get all stiff and hunched up. If you don't have space around your desk to move around make sure you take regular breaks and get up and move around, even if it's to make a cup of tea or get a biscuit. This may not be a desk setup tip but take your lunches and go outside for a walk as this gives you a great break away from work too.

Regular breaks and being able to detach from work while working from home is key. Try and put your laptop away on the weekend if you are not working so you don't see it. Juggling a balance of work and home life when work is at home is difficult. When you find the balance it is great but it can take time to find a good working balance at home. Be kind to yourself and allow time to adjust. It can be hard, but as you experiment with different setups each day it'll get easier.

I think in summary working from home has taught me a lot especially when it comes to debugging issues. It has forced me to not rely on others so much and to research my bugs fully and to work out solutions myself, which is so rewarding when you solve a big JS bug after hours and hours of research and testing.

Remember to be kind to yourself and hopefully this time will pass soon for everyone. I think working from home may be adopted by business as a new normal as it gives you space to pace yourself at work and also limit distractions when working.