The first three months

21 March, 2018

So it's been now a full three months of being a web developer and I'm absolutely loving it. Such a massive career change for me and I haven't regretted it. I’ve gone from a lowly customer service agent “hello how can i help today?” to “I can build this and style it for you”. Being proud of myself is an understatement and I thought I'd share my experience of the last three months.

As like my previous article the first few weeks of being a web developer were getting attuned to my new environment and also getting my working environment setup. This was daunting as I haven't set up a development environment before. Luckily I had a setup guide kindly provided by my employer, which i could share in another article.

Learning as a junior is great when you are coding on a daily basis for work. I recommend to anyone learning to code as much as possible as in this line of work you are always learning by doing. Google is your best friend when it comes to problem solving and stack overflow too. Initially I was working on projects that were already built and needed css tweaking and styling amends to the designs created by the design teams. Making sure projects are pixel perfect is something i’d never come across but useful google chrome plugins help to have measuring tools to make sure containers and divs are correctly aligned and sized.

One thing I noted is that in development you have downtime between projects and this is a great time to either look back at projects the company has done to familiarise myself with best working practises and code bases used and also to learn more online. If the company is willing they will have online facilities to learn new skills or just free online courses on code academy or to test your skills in codewars.

As i was using mysql quite a bit i logged into codewars and practised mysql statements and solved test questions and i levelled up quickly!

alt text

We are always learning and take the downtime between projects to learn as much as possible especially when the project time is precious. Apart from styling amendments i worked with mysql databases and managing these. MySQL and MsSQL is definitely worth looking into as these skills are invaluable for a developer. The language is pretty straight forward for simple statements.

SELECT * FROM database

This will get all table contents from a certain named database. There are a few symbols to use but I treat MySQL as talking to someone real as you ask it something in nearly plain english and it will respond.

This easily covered two months which speeds by very quickly. In the last month I have had projects come back from clients with amends and changes which I have implemented and also managed my own build project and delivered it to the client. The build was simple HTML, CSS pages, which is a great start for me as it is nothing too complicated. I started with the designs and looked to see how I would build the page. Planning is key. I then built a layout and filled in the content. Styling came second and that took the most time to make sure content aligned correctly to the design and making sure hover statuses and links worked. Css styling takes time but as you do it more the quicker you get.

alt text

Hopefully this is useful to you but I'm just sharing my journey. I may write some articles in styling and mysql at some point so stay tuned. Happy coding out there everyone!!